Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The Benefits and Applications of Infill Panels from Cal-Wire

Infill panels are used in buildings across the country to support the structure of the property and maintain safety. It’s the reason so many building owners are now considering the addition of high-strength infill panels to their properties. But in utilizing infill panels, it’s important to purchase your products from a trusted expert with significant experience in fabricating quality products. Our team at Cal-Wire has significant experience in this area of the marketplace, and this new post looks at the benefits of buying infill panels. Know the benefits of Cal-Wire.

Why Woven Wire Mesh Makes Sense for Shelf and Palette Protection

When running a warehouse or similar storage facility, two of your most important goals are protecting the product and protecting your workforce.  Items on shelves and on palette racks need safety guards to keep everything safe – and sometimes simple fabric nets just aren’t the best solution.  They may be cheap, but their utility value is limited, and can endanger both product and people – particularly when heavy items are involved. Read more.

Wire Mesh Tenant Storage Lockers Can Be A Great Addition to Almost Any Business

When people hear “locker” they usually think of footlockers, or those tiny storage lockers they used in high school.  However, wire mesh tenant storage lockers are a totally different matter.  Wire mesh lockers can come in a wide range of sizes, wire gauges, and levels of strength.  Know more.

Wire Mesh Is the Right Choice for A Wide Variety of Infill Panels

In construction, infill panels are one of those multi-purpose items that could seem like an inconsequential detail to outsiders – but in truth, they’re of huge importance.  In particular, you need infill panels capable of handling a range of uses. Read more.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

What To Look For When You Buy Woven Wire Mesh Online

     It’s not always easy to know what you’re buying when you buy woven wire mesh online, but by considering your options carefully and making well-thought-out decisions you can choose woven wire mesh that is designed to offer durable performance over the coming years. In this latest post, our trusted team at Cal-Wire highlights what to look for when you buy woven wire mesh online.

The Architectural Applications Of Woven Wire Mesh

Because the material is designed with an attractive textured surface, woven wire mesh is now being used in architectural applications throughout the various industries. Our team at Cal-Wire has experience in working with woven wire mesh and within this latest post, we’re highlighting the architectural applications for this valuable product.

The Benefits Of Custom Wire Storage Cages

The durability and strength of wire mesh systems make them suitable for a range of storage applications. But it’s important to know more about the material and its performance before choosing wire products for custom storage cages. In this latest post, we’ll explain a little more about the benefits of custom wire storage cages.